16 Bar Clique - Episode 16 - ft. Hypeman Sage

This episode is straight up swag lyrical fire from Hypeman Sage and your usual hosts :) With a kickass beat by Rhino - enjoy!​


16 Bar Clique - Episode 11 - ft. Misses U & Mc Messy

Gorgeous d&b summery vibes from Misses U and Messy over an equally lush instrumental provided by I Am Doomed aka Dorian.


16 Bar Clique - Episode 9 - ft. Miscellanous

What a fire episode! Badboy Miscellaneous from Chill Bump is back for his second episode, and he couldn't wait to tear this one down. High energy beat from Hush. So dope!            


16 Bar Clique - Episode 4 - ft. Green T (A State Of Mind) & Rhum One

The super talented Green T from ASM joins us in a lyrical onslaught alongside Rhum One punching the buttons.

Miss Trouble: Past, Present & Future


16 Bar Clique - Episode 5 - ft. Sofi Mari & Mc Texas

A deep groove drives this drum and bass tune by Dr Apollo. Super slick vocals laced by Sofi Mari & big room bars from MC Texas.    


16 Bar Clique - Episode 2 - ft. Mad Hed City & Jakeavelli

Up tempo vibes swarm on this episode - featuring a lyrical sprayout from Jakeavelli and Mad Hed City's swaggy lyrics. Beat by Tru Fonix.


16 Bar Clique - Episode 6 - ft. Rom-D & Mathis Dravet

We invited our drummer mates Rom-D and Mathis Richet to come and hang with us on an organic episode! We're missing live music so, well, here's the next best thing! Beat by Rhum One.       


16 Bar Clique - Episode 17 - ft. Too Many T's

Youthstar and Trouble are back with a super fun episode featuring Too many T's with music provided by Rhum One. Check it Out!​


Live Show: EDC - Mexico City

How amazing is this!! Gonna be holding the mic down at the world famous EDC Mexico alongside Matrix & Futurebound! I am so so excited, and to top it off my sister, mum and aunty are coming to watch! Living the dream...


16 Bar Clique - a new project with MC Youthstar

With shows cancelled and artists' lives grinded to a hault, I visioned a concept to collaborate with other emcees, rappers, vocalists, producers and musicians to create a series of viral style videos (pun intended) to infect us with good vibes. I hit up emcee Youthstar to partner with me and he could not wait to get the thing started! Max respect to him for bringing his superb energy and connections to the project, with our in house video editor Denis Magalon and Chinese Man Records fully supporting. Links:


16 Bar Clique - Episode 7 - ft. Linguistics, DJ Netik, Jackson Mathod & Senbei

A super episode featuring legendary DMC champion Dj Netik! Alongside D&B MC Linguistics and Jackson Mathod who plays for Stormzy on the trumpet. Plus Senbei putting his beat into action on the MPC.          



16 Bar Clique - Episode 18 - Halloween Special

Yes people we are back with an amazing episode ft the Lightbeats on drums and an awesome breakbeat track by Hankook. Watch the crazy visuals!     


16 Bar Clique - Episode 1 - ft. FP (A State Of Mind) & Miscellaneous (Chill Bump)

Kicking off the series with this chilled hip hop track from Carlos Martinez - a much needed feel good factor right now! So happy to have in the house these two amazing emcees: FP and Miscellaneous. Check it! Over 45k views!


16 Bar Clique - Episode 15 - ft. Muss & Dj Tornall 

Sweet vibes reaching from Colombia! We collaborated with MC Muss and DJ Tornall representing the Peligrosos Crew for our latest episode. Beat is by Rat Race. So dope, check it!​


16 Bar Clique - Episode 13 - ft. Weston & Rhino

A proper hiphop beat for the older heads - check out Weston putting it down alongside Rhino on the decks, plus your usual hosts Youthstar & Miss T.         


Release Day: The Warehouse - Muzz ft. PAV4N & Miss Trouble (Monstercat)

Unleashing this shredder to the world as part of Muzz's forthcoming debut album. The Warehouse features Miss T and PAV4N from Foreign Beggars on a b2b lyrical journey. ​


Muzz Album The Promised Land - Live Show @ UKF Live

What a rush to be performing live again! Muzz has put together an amazing visual experience with a full band and lightshow. Catch me performing the Warehouse around 35 mins in!  ​


16 Bar Clique - Episode 8 - ft. Jahneration & Alex Alim

Straight head nodding hip hop beats from Rhum One, laced with double time rhymes from Jahneration and amazing rockstar licks from guitarist Alex Alim.           


16 Bar Clique - Episode 14 - ft. MC Fokus
On a dubby one for this episode. Featuring the smooth tones of d&b emcee Fokuz on the mic - we got him to go out of his comfort zone and he did not disappoint! Beat by Dewaxed...            ​


Release Day: Buffalo Stance - Sub Zero, T95 & Genetics ft Miss Trouble (Propaganda)

Super gassed to unleash this one! Launching on Sub Zero's label Propaganda, Buffalo Stance pays homage to one of my idols. Out exclusively on Beatport for 2 weeks and everywhere else after.​


16 Bar Clique - Episode 12 - BLM / Follow The Sun 24 Hr D&B Marathon

So so proud of this episode words cannot begin to express. 18 of the most respected emcees and vocalists came out to show their love and lyrics in support of the black lives matter movement.


16 Bar Clique - Episode 10 - ft. Armanni Reign & DJ Pone

Big respect to Armanni Reign for touching down for his second episode with the Clique. A veteran MC reppin' the US, we were gassed about going b2b with him alongside DJ Pone on the buttons.


16 Bar Clique - Episode 3 - ft. Yoshi & Dab Rozer

The French episode - Yoshi from Chinese Man Records along with Dab Rozer dropped by with some French bars for us. Can't resist that accent! Music by Tru Fonix


Live Show: Mainframe - Vienna

So excited to be hosting for Viper in Vienna! Gonna be a crazy one flying back from Mexico, shower in the airport lounge and hop onto a flight to Vienna and pretty much straight to the stage! Love my job :)


Release Day: Elements - Insomniax ft. Miss Trouble (Viper Recordings)

A nod to the jungle hey day, this one is sure to get you moving on the dancefloor with a dubby congo bonanza that will take you high!