The dynamic combination that is InsideInfo & Miss Trouble and here is why: A groundbreaking lyric-driven, groove-infested track that has created more buzz than a storm in a beehive.

Displaying the world through a socially aware lens, often through tongue and cheek, defining the moment of now. Featuring a unique, disjointed baseline that drips with groove, InsideInfo once again proves why he is one of the most unique producers in the game. Controversial, thought provoking and hard dropping, with crowds all over the world reciting the lyrics at every event, its proof that the world needed a Metamorphosis.

Label: Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR060

Teaming up with InsideInfo for their second collaboration and follow-up to ‘Metamorphosis’ is the legendary Miss Trouble, a renowned singer, rapper and MC from West London known for her complex lyricism and powerful vocals. The pair are now ready to drop their hotly anticipated new single ‘Revolution’ on Viper Recordings.

An uncompromising mix of forceful basslines and powerful lyrics, ‘Revolution’ packs a serious punch as a masterpiece of dark, atmospheric Drum and Bass. Aggressive, punchy and flawlessly composed, InsideInfo and Miss Trouble bring to the table a tune which is guaranteed to blow minds and switch up the game once again in the run-up to InsideInfo’s debut album early next year.

Label: Viper Recordings
Cat: VPR101

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As premiered by UKF Dubstep, completing the impressive "All Of Us" EP with this digital exclusive 'Abandoned Art', Joe takes things down a pace, keeping the bass line rolling alongside the vocal styling of Miss Trouble. Joe explains: “The goal of this new EP was to play a little bit with the normal limitations that I set myself, keep the tunes at 172bpm but switch up the rhythms and layout.”

Haunting and mind evoking lyrics compliment the eerie musical landscape laid out by Mr Ford, leading to a winding road and a stomping drop guaranteed to make you move.

Label: Shogun Audio
Cat: SHA093